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Excessive Wear of the Teeth

Teeth act like pillars to keep the upper and lower jaws supported. Loss of tooth structure and adequate vertical dimension can cause jaws to collapse. This condition can predispose an individual to breathing problems, sleep disorders, headaches, and TMJ problems.


The wear and tear of the teeth and the loss of tooth structure and length also has a major effect on appearance and self-esteem. As teeth shorten, the lips seem to disappear, the chin seems to recede, the skin under the eyes become baggy, and the individual appears to age.


Conditions that can develop from excessive wear include sensitivity, fractures, mobility, and muscle pain. Constantly pounding or sliding teeth back and forth is not what they were designed to do. When the teeth encounter forces beyond their functional capacity, they begin to break down.


For the jaws to be properly supported, we suggest building teeth to increase vertical dimension and using dental appliances to protect the teeth from further damage.


Procedures that deal with loss of tooth structure can create a more youthful appearance.