The ALF Appliance

Functional orthodontic treatment places emphasis on a broad, beautiful face, a symmetrical facial profile, full lips, and straight teeth.

Functional orthodontic appliances are ideal when patients have had TMJ problems.

Teeth crowding is addressed by expanding the jaws to their genetic potential (the size it would have been if normal growth occurred) instead of pulling teeth.

Proper function is supported by the development and maintenance of a healthy airway, a stable TMJ position, and balanced muscle function.

With traditional orthodontic treatment, crowded teeth are frequently treated by extracting four premolars and retracting or pulling the front teeth back to close up the excess space created. This retraction causes the face, especially around the lips, to look caved in and make the nose and chin more prominent. This retraction of the front teeth may also cause TMJ problems by forcing the mandible (lower jaw) back too far.

ALF appliances promote the development of the dental arches and also correct alignment of the teeth to improve the bite and create balanced faces.