The Pioneers of Integrative Dentistry

Integrative Dentistry is a medical approach to dentistry that considers the effects dental treatments, dental materials, and dental infections have on the entire body. It is a comprehensive approach that combines the art and science of dentistry with neuromuscular, biological, physiologic, holistic medical principles, and natural therapies.

Pioneers of Integrative Dentistry

Many practitioners have been influential in developing this integrative approach and treatment philosophy.
  • Dr. George J. Baylin
    • Dr. Baylin’s father and mentor was dedicated to the dental profession and devoted to his patients built the foundation for Dr. Baylin’s passion for dentistry.
  • Dr. Aelred Fonder
    • Dr. Fonder wrote “The Dental Physician,” and his research verified the profound effect malocclusion and dental stress have on overall health.
  • Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt
    • Dr. Klinghardt eloquently explained the dentist’s role in disease and dysfunction and provided an evaluation process (Autonomic Response Testing).
  • Dr. Yoshiaki Omura
    • Dr. Omura developed the phenomenon of Direct Resonance and provided the framework for uncovering the underlying causes of pain, disease, and dysfunction.
  • Dr. Dan Gole
    • Dr. Gole discovered the relationship of teeth to specific muscle trigger points and developed a technique for selectively adjusting teeth to treat pain and dysfunction.
  • Dr. Harold Gelb
    • Dr. Gelb pioneered the treatment of headaches and temporomandibular joint disorders.
  • Dr. John Witzig and Dr. John Mew
    • Dr. Witzig and Dr. Mew introduced the European concept of functional orthodontics and its affect on healthy growth and development.
  • Dr. Weston Price
    • Dr. Price extensive research validated both the relationship of dental infections to chronic illness and the effects of white flour, sugar, refined foods, and fats on dental disease, growth, and development.
  • Dr. Hal Huggins
    • Dr. Huggins championed the modern movement to expose the dangers of mercury.

Lifelong Study and Passion

Dr. Baylin regularly studies with national and international physicians and dentists to incorporate advances in health research into his practice and life. In an attempt to describe all that is “Integrative Dentistry,” categories are presented separately, even though treatments and philosophies overlap.

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