Silver Vs White

Mercury-Free Dentistry

Integrative Dentistry emphasizes mercury-safe, mercury-free, restorative dentistry using biocompatible materials.

Mercury comprises about 50% of a silver mercury amalgam filling. Amalgam also contains copper, tin, silver, and zinc. Due to its high mercury content, amalgam is silver colored when it is first placed; therefore, the name “silver” filling. After it has been in the mouth, the mercury begins to react chemically and corrodes. The blacker the filling, the more corrosion has taken place.

There is no controversy regarding mercury’s toxicity. It is more toxic than arsenic. Nor is the issue whether or not mercury comes off the silver amalgam filling and enters our body. The controversy surrounds the question as to whether or not enough mercury comes off the filling to contribute to health problems.

Children, pregnant, and nursing women are most at risk. Every time you chew, every time the filling is drilled, every time hot food contacts the tooth, the amalgam fillings are “agitated” and toxic vapors are released into the body and the brain. According to several scientific studies, the effects of these vapors are dangerous and long term. (Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry, U.S. Public Health Service: Toxicological Profile on Mercury (Update), 1999.

We are always investigating and using new products and materials that are non-toxic and biologically friendly.

We use protective protocols for our patients, our staff, the doctor, and the environment.