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What are Jawbone Cavitations?

Jawbone cavitations are hollow spaces within the jawbone where bone marrow is dying or dead. They are unhealed areas where bone has not filled in properly as a result of extractions, chronic infections, root canals, periodontic disease, and trauma/injury.

Jawbone cavitations have the unique ability to produce extensive destruction without causing redness, swelling, or an increase in body temperature.  They can be painful, however, they are usually silent and go undetected.  These hollow spaces in the jawbone provide a breeding ground for anaerobic microorganisms and their waste products and an environment where dead bone material, toxins, and heavy metals accumulate and cause further destruction.  These toxic materials can seep slowly and continuously into the body via the blood, lymphatics, and nerve pathways.  Cavitations can weaken the immune system, cause fatigue, and play a role in many chronic conditions.